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Hi there! I’m Trista, the one woman show behind Sugardale Patterns. I’ve been designing and sewing clothes for myself for a while, and the two questions I ask myself when I’m designing are, “Will this look good with sneakers?” and “Where will the pockets go?” I am a sucker for functionality, but I don’t think that it should compromise design. And that’s the philosophy I’ll hold as I design more patterns. And don’t be surprised if you see my love for early to mid twentieth century vintage shining through!

I’ve got several tutorials coming soon, but I wanted to give you preview of how I hope to serve this wonderful sewing community. So poke around and sign up for my newsletter, as I’ll be announcing new things there. Oh! And go ahead and download a PDF pattern while you’re here.

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out as I get the ball rolling. And if you prefer paper patterns, they (and product photos) will be up in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!